The Child Haven International Montessori Initiative

Child Haven International, established in 1985, cares for over 1,200 destitute children in eight homes located in India, Nepal, Tibet, and Bangladesh. 

In March of 2009, Child Haven International, with the help of Montessori trained teachers and supporters, began two Montessori classrooms at the Green Tara Child Haven School, in Nepal.   Simultaneously, a Montessori class has been developed at the CHI home in Bangladesh.

Montessori classrooms offer young children a learning environment which is tailored to their developmental needs and supports their natural curiosity, love for learning, and desire to integrate into their own culture. The children follow their own interests without interruption, learn from and teach each other, and are closely monitored in all areas of development. Montessori students attain self-sufficiency, self-discipline, self-confidence, academic excellence, and social cohesion.


The Montessori materials and teacher training at our schools have all been provided for by the generous support of our international donors, and the efforts of our Montessori trained volunteers. Child Haven International is dedicated to providing the children in its care with the best educational opportunities possible, and your donations are vital to this effort.


Our Current Fundraising Efforts


With a successful fundraising campaign in 2011, we completed the materials for our two classes in Nepal, added materials to the class in Bangladesh, conducted two months of training with our resident teachers, instituted a progressive education curriculum in our grade one Nepal class, and sponsored a candidate, who grew up in the Nepal Home, to attend the AMI Montessori Teacher Training program in Chennai, India.


2012 will be a very important year for the Child Haven Montessori Initiative in our efforts to build upon this success. The classroom in Bangladesh requires additional Montessori materials and furniture to ensure the children are offered a complete Montessori curriculum, we are expanding the progressive educations program in Nepal, and we have ongoing operating costs to cover in both Bangladesh and Nepal.   


In addition to these costs, we have a teacher training initiative scheduled for this year; a Montessori trainer from North America will be traveling to Bangladesh. Our teachers will receive a Montessori Worldwide certificate for participating in this training program.

NEPAL: The classes in Kathmandu are entering their third year as fully operational programs. Having completed the initial classroom setup, the next phase is to support the operational costs including teacher salaries and daily materials, continue our teacher training efforts, and build our resources to strengthen the Montessori program. We also plan to add materials and continue the training of our grade one and two teachers to build on our child-centered, progressive education programs to match the needs and abilities of the children graduating from our Montessori classes. Our 2012 goal is $8,000 to meet these needs. 


BANGLADESH: We are continuing to develop the program in Chittagong, and expect to fully integrate the use of the Montessori Method with the existing in-house school through the course of the year. We require $5,000 to complete our class in Bangladesh and to cover operating costs.


TEACHER TRAINING: All of the Montessori training scheduled for our teachers this year will be AMI or AMS and MACTE Montessori trained educators. There will be approximately $7,000 in travel, accommodation and salary costs for the trainers, as well as bringing all of the participants together for this crucial training.


AMI TRAINING SPONSORSHIP: A candidate, who grew up in the Nepal Home, is attending the nine month, internationally recognized, AMI Montessori training program in Chennai, India. She will return to Kathmandu to become a fully trained, full-time Montessori teacher at the Green Tara Child Haven School. The cost of sending a candidate to India for the training, including transportation, room and board is approximately $4,000. 


We would welcome any supporter to help sponsor a future candidate from either Nepal or Bangladesh, who show that they are suitable for this program. Your sponsorship would provide a candidate with gainful employment in a lifelong vocation, while simultaneously strengthening the CHI Montessori Initiative, and providing numerous children with the enormous benefits of a Montessori education.


To meet the above needs and build for the future, our 2012 TOTAL FUNDRAISING GOAL is  $30,000. 


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Child Haven International is a registered charity in Canada, U.S., Bangladesh, India, and Nepal.

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